Privacy Policy & Opt Out

GENIE GROUP is fully committed to preserving the privacy of advertisers, publishers and internet users who receive content distributed by GENIE GROUP Ltd systems and software at all times.

This privacy statement applies to the websites of:

The Genie Group Limited
The Media Center, 3-8 Carburton Street

For urgent contact, or to make any complaint or inquiry, please also contact:

CEO of Genie Group Ltd.

We respect your privacy. This is why we have taken the time to disclose our information collection practices and our privacy policy. Please take the time to review this document.

GENIE GROUP Ltd does not collect any personally identifying information about the internet user for the purposes of Internet advertising.

GENIE GROUP Ltd is registered with the UK Information Commission and is compliant with the EEC Privacy Directive.

Advertising Cookies
ADGENIE does not use cookies for the purpose of serving contextual advertising to users. However Genie Group does use cookies for the purpose of serving retargeted adverts to users. No identifiable information is stored. You can opt out of tracking by clicking this link:



Opt out of all behavioural targeting

Genie Group adheres to the IAB Europe OBA Framework. As an alternative to direct opt out, you can opt out of adGENIE AND other behaviourlal advertising with a single click at this industry Website:


You can return to either site at any time to reactivate your adGENIE tracking.



More info about cookies and your privacy

adGENIE is part of the GENIEgroup, a dynamic advertising technology company set up in 2006. adGENIE delivers targeted adverts to Internet users via behavioural tracking technology linked to a cookie which contains just an anonymous numerical ID.

adGENIE does not know who you are or any other personal information about you. adGENIE knows only your anonymous ID. By tracking that ID, as you journey across selected and approved retail and travel sites, adGENIE tries to predict your future buying intent by recording products and services that you have browsed. By opting out of adGENIE you are choosing to suspend adGENIE's ability to record and use behavioural data in this way, and to show you targeted adverts. You can return to this site at any time to reactivate your adGENIE tracking, should you wish to do so. 


Statistical Information
In line with every other internet business, GENIE GROUP will analyse web server activity logs. These servers log the number of times different creative executions are served but no other data is stored. None of this recorded data is personally identifiable to any user.

ADGENIE clients and media owner partners of ADGENIE, have access to the ADGENIE cms via a unique username and password. Each media owner/client can only access campaign information that relates to their own campaigns.

The only personal data our databases record is information such as address, email address and phone numbers to enable GENIE GROUP personnel to contact the appropriate people.

If you believe that our website has collected incorrect information or if you would like to dispute any information, please contact us using the address at the top of this page.